Introduction: What to Expect from This Column

Thank you for reading Ask An Author! This is a brand-new venture, so I'll be adjusting it a bit I get more subscribers and see what people like. Here's what it's going to look like to start off:

  • Around 1-2 emails per week

  • Likely most of that will be paid content, with one or two free emails per month.

If things go smoothly and people want more content, I may start doing columns more frequently; if we’re ever at the point where subscribers complain about inbox load, or the columns are getting longer and taking longer to write, I’ll dial it down.

At the beginning, I anticipate the column might lean more of a mix between articles and reader questions, if there aren't enough questions to do a reader question every time. As time goes on, it'll lean a lot more toward reader questions, with the occasional article thrown in if I think there's something in publishing worth talking about on its own.

And don’t worry about the newsletter discontinuing — if that should happen, anyone with a subscription that continues beyond the discontinuation will get a pro-rated refund.

Want to ask a question about writing or publishing? Send it my way at!